Big Announcement!

I re-named it. My bike. It’s called the “Montrealer” now.  Amtrak once operated a train called the “Montrealer.” It ran from Washington, DC to Montreal, and during each trip it rolled through the little town of Berlin, CT, a place where I spent many formative… Read More »Big Announcement!

Because Of The Brave

Biannual. Defined as occurring twice a year.  The June and December solstices.  The beginning and end of daylight savings time.  Trips to the dentist. Replacing the batteries in our smoke detectors. Thanking our veterans for their service.  Wait, what? Veteran. Defined as a person who has served… Read More »Because Of The Brave

He Had My Six

A hot summer night. A darkened car wash.  Two members of a local gang, engaged in a drug buy.  Two members of the local police force, working in plainclothes as part of an initiative to combat street level crime.  Not a good mix.  When the… Read More »He Had My Six