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Carl Ficks

June 2020

A Rhino & A Saint

The northern white rhinoceros. Extinct. Or nearly so. The Amur leopard too. And so is the art of listening. There‚Äôs an Augustinian phrase, “audi alteram partem,” It means “listen to the other side.” In the current environment, how many people are listening to the other side? I… Read More »A Rhino & A Saint

Conquering The Marlin

In 1951, Hemingway penned The Old Man and the Sea. The story’s protagonist, an old fisherman named Santiago, had gone 84 days without catching a fish. Undeterred, he set off in his skiff on a solo journey and hooked an 18-foot marlin weighing an estimated 1,500 pounds.… Read More »Conquering The Marlin

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