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Carl Ficks

April 2020

Pigs In A Blanket

Do you feel like you’re pushing the same damn huge rock up a hill every single day?  (Only to have it roll back to the bottom while you’re not looking… and occasionally it rolls right over you and crushes you?) Well, you’re not alone.  In… Read More »Pigs In A Blanket

Piles Of You Know What

We all have piles… Piles of bills…Piles of obligations…Piles of yard work…Piles of stress…Piles of homework…Piles of anxiety…Piles of sh**… well you get the idea… In normal times, it’s hard enough to deal with all those piles.  But right now…it’s even harder.  I had the… Read More »Piles Of You Know What

I Hear Voices

He died 5 weeks before race day. But I needed him that morning. I needed his encouragement. I needed his care. In the predawn darkness, I listened to my dad’s voice… to the voice message he’d left me just before I’d run the Boston Marathon… Read More »I Hear Voices

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